Together We Build A Successful Business Community


Our Mission:


Referral Connections is an organization of professional men and women; one in each business category, who promote each other by using a proven networking model for increasing business through the exchange of qualified referrals.


To fulfill this mission, we support our fellow business professionals by bringing to the table our expertise and strengths.  By meeting at least one day per week, all year long, we develop a mutual understanding, respect and most important, trust for each person and their business.


Our goal is to increase business referrals, strengthen our relationships and increase our membership by increased exposure in the Miami County Troy area.


Our Members:


We are a caring and conscientious group of business professionals who strive to serve others.  By networking together, we can bring a diverse group of solutions to assist is solving your business issues.  Our success is measured by our customer’s satisfaction.  We include representatives from various businesses, entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Troy area, as well as areas outside of Troy. 


Interested in joining our team and expanding your network of business contacts?  Please visit for a complimentary lunch and find out for yourself if this is a good fit for you.


How is Referral Connections different then the Chamber of Commerce?


Unlike your local Chamber of Commerce, we allow only one business category into Referral Connections.  This means you will not be competing with other companies in your industry.  Instead of “after hour” business card exchange events, we focus exclusively on your business and seek opportunities to give you referrals.  Business Card exchanges allow you to get acquainted; however, people do not do business with your business card.  Within the structure of Referral Connections, we incorporate the elements needed to build strong ongoing relationships for your success.  We do ask our members to give a minimum of two referrals monthly, which is consistent with our purpose and mission statement.


How do we Promote our Members?


We know the importance of getting to know, like and trust our members, so everything we do is driven by that concept.  We come to know you because you are scheduled regularly to present information about your business.  We grow to like you because we meet weekly and visit with you.  We learn to trust you when we give you a referral and you handle it well.  Each week one of our members presents information about their business.  We promote each other s business by exchanging qualified referrals.


We meet every Thursday at 11:30 am at the Troy Country Club to share business ideas, develop business relationships and exchange information over lunch.  The Troy County Club is located at 1830 Peters Pike just at the southwest edge of Troy.  You may contact any member of Referral Connections for more information.